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2024 Senior Scholarship Fundraiser

Brockport High School has a long and cherished tradition of awarding senior scholarships to our departing students who have demonstrated scholastic, athletic, artistic, and civic excellence. This is a major event in the life of our accomplished seniors. These awards were historically given during Commencement.

A few years ago, the High School began a new custom of recognizing the honorees in a separate, more intimate ceremony. The Brockport HS Alumni Association and Friends complimented the new tradition by sponsoring a catered dinner for the award winners and their parents before the presentation of awards.  Attendance at the dinner was close to 200 people, between recipients and attending family members. The Alumni Association also began a $500 scholarship, last year awarding $500 to three seniors, which is presented at the ceremony as well.

Since its inception, the Alumni Association has given over $30,000 to Brockport graduates through the scholarships and the family dinners, and all funding is done completely by donation or through our fundraisers during the year.

Brockport is a supportive community, but we understand that there are many donation requests made to our supporting businesses. But many hands make light work; if each supporting business that receives this letter donates just $25, the senior dinner can go forward. And of course, we will be happy to recognize our supporting businesses at the dinner and in Alumni Association publications.  We hope to count you this year as one of our generous sponsors, and thank you for your consideration.

For planning purposes, we ask that sponsors confirm their support by April 1, 2024.

If you would like to donate to help fund this year’s scholarships and scholarship dinner use the QR code or follow the link below:


This letter was sent out to businesses and past sponsors with the information above.